Searchlights: Can you put a “Bat” symbol in the sky?

Before I got into the searchlight business I remember a couple of “encounters” that really got my attention. One night I was doing something in front of my house and I saw a searchlight beam sweeping by off to the east. It got my curiosity up enough that my wife and I got our young son ready, loaded up the car and drove to see what was going on. Oddly enough it was set up at a little open air business that sold concrete planters, statues and other assorted yard art. While we were there we found a cute planter that would fit in a place right between our garage and our front porch.

Now you can draw whatever you conclusions you would like but the fact is we “saw the light” and we not only followed it but we pulled in and purchased something. I’d say that was a positive response to get customers in the door.

I ran my first searchlight job on Halloween night in 1989. It was in Jacksboro Tx, at a private party. People were coming in and asking what was going on but it was invitation only. One family pulled in and said they followed the searchlight from over 30 miles away. The stories are endless.

I’ve been asked since I started operating searchlights is “can you put a bat symbol in they sky”?

Finally, the number one question I’ve been asked since I started operating searchlights is “can you put a bat symbol in they sky”? Yes the original batman movie did actually have a genuine 1942 WWII Gyroscope Searchlight with a bat symbol on it but the actual bat symbol in the night sky was not real. They had to enhance that thru whatever tricks they had in their movie tricks bag at the time. So the simple answer is no. A searchlight beam from the powerful WWII Gyroscope Searchlight comes out at the source of the light as a 60″ beam. However, the beam is actually several miles long so even if the bat symbol is on the lens of the searchlight, it could not be seen with the natural eye.

Now, if you want attention for your special event by all means get a searchlight. But get a “real” searchlight. There are many knock-offs out there that plug into the same outlet as your lamp. You figure that one out. After over 25 years in the business we are one of only a few companies that still do Carbon Arc searchlights. If you would like more information please fill out our response form or call us at 817.261.1989.