Searchlights: Can you put a “Bat” symbol in the sky?

Before I got into the searchlight business I remember a couple of “encounters” that really got my attention. One night I was doing something in front of my house and I saw a searchlight beam sweeping by off to the east. It got my curiosity up enough that my wife and I got our young son ready, loaded up the car and drove to see what was going on. Oddly enough it was set up at a little open air business that sold concrete planters, statues and other assorted yard art. While we were there we found a cute planter that would fit in a place right between our garage and our front porch.

Now you can draw whatever you conclusions you would like but the fact is we “saw the light” and we not only followed it but we pulled in and purchased something. I’d say that was a positive response to get customers in the door.

I ran my first searchlight job on Halloween night in 1989. It was in Jacksboro Tx, at a private party. People were coming in and asking what was going on but it was invitation only. One family pulled in and said they followed the searchlight from over 30 miles away. The stories are endless.

I’ve been asked since I started operating searchlights is “can you put a bat symbol in they sky”?

Finally, the number one question I’ve been asked since I started operating searchlights is “can you put a bat symbol in they sky”? Yes the original batman movie did actually have a genuine 1942 WWII Gyroscope Searchlight with a bat symbol on it but the actual bat symbol in the night sky was not real. They had to enhance that thru whatever tricks they had in their movie tricks bag at the time. So the simple answer is no. A searchlight beam from the powerful WWII Gyroscope Searchlight comes out at the source of the light as a 60″ beam. However, the beam is actually several miles long so even if the bat symbol is on the lens of the searchlight, it could not be seen with the natural eye.

Now, if you want attention for your special event by all means get a searchlight. But get a “real” searchlight. There are many knock-offs out there that plug into the same outlet as your lamp. You figure that one out. After over 25 years in the business we are one of only a few companies that still do Carbon Arc searchlights. If you would like more information please fill out our response form or call us at 817.261.1989.

Does it work?

The question, “does it work?” has been asked about a lot things and it has been asked many times in regard to inflatables, flags, searchlights, banners and other outdoor advertising tools. There are a lot of factors including traffic flow, visibility from the main roadway, and of course what is around you. When you are looking for a location for your business the first thing you should do is just park and watch the traffic flow.

I was looking for at a potential business location and I did that very thing. It’s not just about car count. I already knew the car count was high because it was a highway but what I found when I was studying the traffic was quite revealing. Nobody was looking at the building and businesses where I was parked. Everybody was looking straight ahead.

The reality was people were focused on getting where they were going and there was nothing to attract their vision toward the building and parking lot. It was’t a destination for 99.9% of the passing traffic. When selecting a business location all of this comes into play.

You have to weigh the pros and cons of location, traffic count and how you can attract customers to your business. Before signing your lease you need to make sure what is allowed in regard to advertising inflatables, balloons, flags and banners. You also need to check with the city or county to make sure what you can and cannot do.

Back to the question, “does it work?” YES! When you change up the landscape and put out new flags or a new banner it gets attention. This is why it important to change things up and do something different every month or so. Movement and color attract attention. You should change out your banners and flags on regular basis. The pic with this blog shows how the bobber balloon cluster brings attention to the event and the sidewalk sign announces what is going on.    It works for all types of events, businesses and organizations.

Bobber Balloons get attention

Bobber Balloons get attention

If you would like a professional consultation on how to bring more business in or would like us to do a site assessment please call contact us. Thanks for visiting our blog today.

Business Curb Appeal

Military Flag display along curb.

Military Flag display along curb.

Let’s face it, looks do matter.    Curb appeal in selling a home is huge in capturing the customer from the moment they drive up.   If you think about it, a business is pretty much the same.   Thousands of people drive by most businesses every day.     Business owners and managers get busy and forget to take a step back and take a close look at how the store looks from the street.    It does matter.    If a business looks like nobody cares then that’s the message the passerby is most likely going to get.    It can be a simple fix.    Here’s some simple solutions to keeping your storefront fresh and the customers coming in.

1.  Keep your windows clean.   Dirty windows are associated with closed businesses.

2.  Landscaping and maintenance.   Make sure your grass is mowed on a regular basis and your shrubs and trees are trim.   Remove dead plants and trees and replace them with something new that is native to your area.

3.   Pick up your parking lot each day.    Make sure you  don’t leave clutter around either.

4.  Change out your frayed flags.   If you have a US Flag make sure you fly it with respect.    A frayed flag should be disposed of properly.    You can call the local VFW and they will be able to recommend someone that can pick the flag up.   Use flags with the changing  seasons and holidays.

5.  Banners are a very reasonable marketing tool    If your city allows banners you should definitely take advantage of it and again, change out the messages in correlation to hot products and sales.   If you don’t then you are losing customers.

6.  Window graphics.   Many cities allow window graphics and many do not even require a permit for them.  You can list products and services or go with a full color design.   Window perf is gaining popularity and is fairly simple to install.

7.  Sidewalk signs.   Believe it or not sidewalk signs are a throwback to the depression years.   There are a number of options for the frames and most accept a 2 x 3 sign.   This is very inexpensive and you can save them signs and use them over and over again.    They are very popular today and can be used for businesses that have very little room or options.

8.  Bobber Balloons are the newest craze.    They come in a variety of colors and can be customized with your logo or special message.    The balloon is vinyl and is filled with air so you eliminate costly helium and the need to replace the balloon everyday.    A unit pays for itself in 30 days or less and you have a promotional product that will last for years with the proper care.

9.  Pennants are still a popular choice in making a statement on your parking lot.   There are many styles and designs to choose from which can also be color coordinated with your store or sales promotion.

10.  Promotional tents are a great way to build your brand.   You can get a lot of mileage from having a tent custom printed with your logo and sales message.    It’s an investment well worth the expense because it keeps giving and giving.

The key is putting enough time and thought into a yearly program that has both curb appeal and draws customers in the door.   We can help you with that and would be happy to help you set up an effective outdoor marketing campaign for the entire year.    Call or email us today for a consultation.   Be sure to mention this post to take advantage of our special NEW customer consultation rates.

Inflatables in Advertising and Promotion

Did you ever wonder if an inflatable really works? The question is legitimate however, the answer is more complex than

Welcome customers with a Themed inflatable.

can be answered with a simple YES! Yes, inflatables used in advertising and promotion can be very effective in drawing attention to your business or event. Over a 7 year period of serving Blockbuster Video and their Grand Openings nationwide, they found that stores that used an inflatable to open had as much as 25% more foot traffic than stores that did not have an inflatable. Marketing studies found that a majority of customers came from the local community which means they most likely drove by the business at some point during the week. When a new business opens you need get the word out that you are OPEN for business. An inflatable can be used very effectively to let the passerby know you are NOW OPEN or having your GRAND OPENING. Inflatables are also good for seasonal sales events, clearances, new model sales, and so forth. The list is too long to cover here. People are curious and if you host a Grand Opening, Sale or Special Event and everything looks the same then you are most likely missing the opportunity to win new customers. Compared to most any other advertising mediums, inflatable advertising is by far one of the most cost effective tools you’ll find. If you are looking for solutions to improve your foot traffic we can help. We can do site and traffic assessments as well as give you a professional insight on how an inflatable can benefit your business. With 26 years in the outdoor advertising area, we can save you time and money by offering consulting services throughout the year to enhance your sales and visibility. Don’t wait to start increasing your sales. Call us or email today.

Patriotism Displayed Without Compromise

The next few months mark a number of Holidays that recognize some key components of a free nation. Armed Forces Day is May 17th and Memorial Day is May 26th. Flag Day is June 14th and of course July 4th rounds out this list. Regardless of your political affiliation, an American citizen is the benefactor of the FREEDOM we have as a nation. It is a time to reflect and observe and most of all honor those who have served. There are many ways we can do that but our colors are an integral part of showing our support for the men and women of all the military branches. Everyday we live and breathe we most likely run across a veteran, active duty or reservist. Let’s get engaged in showing our appreciation by flying your American Flag. Displaying your pride for our nation is not a party-line do or don’t. Take a few minutes to plan something for these special markers and let’s show our gratitude. If you would like to know more about how to set up a patriotic display or event in your community or business please contact us.


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