Patriotism Displayed Without Compromise

The next few months mark a number of Holidays that recognize some key components of a free nation. Armed Forces Day is May 17th and Memorial Day is May 26th. Flag Day is June 14th and of course July 4th rounds out this list. Regardless of your political affiliation, an American citizen is the benefactor of the FREEDOM we have as a nation. It is a time to reflect and observe and most of all honor those who have served. There are many ways we can do that but our colors are an integral part of showing our support for the men and women of all the military branches. Everyday we live and breathe we most likely run across a veteran, active duty or reservist. Let’s get engaged in showing our appreciation by flying your American Flag. Displaying your pride for our nation is not a party-line do or don’t. Take a few minutes to plan something for these special markers and let’s show our gratitude. If you would like to know more about how to set up a patriotic display or event in your community or business please contact us.