Does it work?

The question, “does it work?” has been asked about a lot things and it has been asked many times in regard to inflatables, flags, searchlights, banners and other outdoor advertising tools. There are a lot of factors including traffic flow, visibility from the main roadway, and of course what is around you. When you are looking for a location for your business the first thing you should do is just park and watch the traffic flow.

I was looking for at a potential business location and I did that very thing. It’s not just about car count. I already knew the car count was high because it was a highway but what I found when I was studying the traffic was quite revealing. Nobody was looking at the building and businesses where I was parked. Everybody was looking straight ahead.

The reality was people were focused on getting where they were going and there was nothing to attract their vision toward the building and parking lot. It was’t a destination for 99.9% of the passing traffic. When selecting a business location all of this comes into play.

You have to weigh the pros and cons of location, traffic count and how you can attract customers to your business. Before signing your lease you need to make sure what is allowed in regard to advertising inflatables, balloons, flags and banners. You also need to check with the city or county to make sure what you can and cannot do.

Back to the question, “does it work?” YES! When you change up the landscape and put out new flags or a new banner it gets attention. This is why it important to change things up and do something different every month or so. Movement and color attract attention. You should change out your banners and flags on regular basis. The pic with this blog shows how the bobber balloon cluster brings attention to the event and the sidewalk sign announces what is going on.    It works for all types of events, businesses and organizations.

Bobber Balloons get attention

Bobber Balloons get attention

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