Inflatables in Advertising and Promotion

Did you ever wonder if an inflatable really works? The question is legitimate however, the answer is more complex than

Welcome customers with a Themed inflatable.

can be answered with a simple YES! Yes, inflatables used in advertising and promotion can be very effective in drawing attention to your business or event. Over a 7 year period of serving Blockbuster Video and their Grand Openings nationwide, they found that stores that used an inflatable to open had as much as 25% more foot traffic than stores that did not have an inflatable. Marketing studies found that a majority of customers came from the local community which means they most likely drove by the business at some point during the week. When a new business opens you need get the word out that you are OPEN for business. An inflatable can be used very effectively to let the passerby know you are NOW OPEN or having your GRAND OPENING. Inflatables are also good for seasonal sales events, clearances, new model sales, and so forth. The list is too long to cover here. People are curious and if you host a Grand Opening, Sale or Special Event and everything looks the same then you are most likely missing the opportunity to win new customers. Compared to most any other advertising mediums, inflatable advertising is by far one of the most cost effective tools you’ll find. If you are looking for solutions to improve your foot traffic we can help. We can do site and traffic assessments as well as give you a professional insight on how an inflatable can benefit your business. With 26 years in the outdoor advertising area, we can save you time and money by offering consulting services throughout the year to enhance your sales and visibility. Don’t wait to start increasing your sales. Call us or email today.